“When I first started in real estate I realized pretty quickly that I needed guidance on how to get going.  Jen met with me and immediately helped me see that I was lacking consistency and numbers in my efforts. She is quickly able to cut through excuses and help you find the steps needed to be successful.  She understands that everyone runs their business slightly differently and has helped me maintain focus on my personal goals.  In my first year of real estate I’ve met my transaction goal — 4 months early — and much of this success is due to Jen’s persistence and willingness to help me carve out my business.” – Leah Joos

“A shoutout to my coach Jennifer Murtland that after identifying my week spot, the dreaded FSBOs, in one of our sessions. Jennifer coached me on how to approach them, helped me with develop a new and positive mindset around this market opportunity, incentivized me and in fact challenged me to call.  Yes, challenged me and my penalty for not following through with calling FSBO’s would have been a payout of  $1,000 to another a realtor that I am not too fond of … let’s just say!  The follow through was a hard task and it took practically a whole day but hey … I managed to sign three listings as a result of that training and those calls … Thank you Jennifer!” – Ilaria Cunningham

“I was recruited into real estate from a very successful realtor working locally. He had been an agent I worked with in the past on the sale of my first home and I had referred clients to him over the years. When it came time to make a change in my career, this seemed like a good fit to join his team and learn everything real estate! After all, I was a quick learner and a hard worker, I just needed the right teacher, right? Well, it ended up being 6 months of spinning my wheels and frustration. I ended up closing only 2 deals in those 6 months and that was by luck and having some really great friends that decided to take a chance on me. But, I got very little feedback and guidance from my team leader. 
I met Jenn because we happened to do a deal together. At this point, I was strongly considering leaving real estate and being one of the 80% that fail in their first year.  I actually called her (and her realtor partner) to talk about real estate teams and get a different perspective. She could definitely sense my frustration, so we set up an in-person one-to-one. After meeting up with her, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I could see a light at the end of the tunnel! Maybe real estate didn’t suck after all and I was just missing the right training and guidance!! I ultimately left my team and joined Jenn’s team. 
From day one, I got continuous and consistent education, instruction, and support. And what a difference it made! I couldn’t believe how much I had missed before and now I was learning on the job from a fantastic coach! It was like having your own personal trainer with you every day! I went from closing 2 deals in 6 months to closing 28 in my first full year with her coaching! And to think I was going to hang up my hat and give up! 
Jenn really cares about your success and if you want it and work hard, she will do everything to help you achieve your goals. But, also be prepared to know that she will absolutely call you out on your BS. And sometimes that’s exactly what you need. But, no matter if you’re new to the business or a seasoned veteran, Jenn will absolutely give you the tools you need to be successful!” – Amber Allred

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